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The holiday season is traditionally fraught with rich, culinary fare that tempt the tastebuds and surround your teeth and gums with excess sugar and acids. Although you spend all year taking care of your smile, don’t let the traditional temptations derail your smile care efforts. To continue keeping your smile confident and bright, you celebrate the season mindfully by implementing the following strategies:

-Eating sugar with your meal: If you are going to eat sugar, eat it with a meal instead of a stand-alone snack. Why? The longer your teeth are coated in sugar, the more you are feeding the harmful bacteria in the mouth, encouraging plaque. As you eat and drink with your meal can help to keep sugar from sticking to your pearly whites.

-Neutralize the acids on your teeth: Water, even seltzer water can neutralize the harmful acids that erode tooth enamel. This can help as you celebrate. Drinking water or mineral water can also help offset the acids on your teeth.

-Hold off on brushing: Say what? You heard right! Brushing right after eating acidic or sugary foods can actually harm your pearly whites as the enamel is softened by the acid wash. After 30 minutes your enamel will re-harden and you will be good to brush.

-Snack on cheese: If you are at a party, snack away on the cheeses to help your teeth. Not only is the protein good for you, but it also neutralizes the acid in the mouth.

 -Sugar-free gum: If you can’t brush after snacking, chew on some sugar-free gum to freshen breath and stimulate healthy saliva production which is good for your smile.

At Kenneth M. Schweizer, DDS, PA in Sarasota, Florida, Dr. Kenneth Schweizer and our team hope you enjoy the festive holiday season while reforming tradition with our smile tips. You can enjoy this time with loved ones without worrying about harming your smile health! If you would like to schedule your next visit, please call 941-926-4888 today. Let us help you maintain your beautiful smile!