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Do you know the great news about dental veneers? If not, keep reading because we have exciting news for you! In our society today, thousands of people are looking for a way to improve their smile and improve their self-esteem. Thanks to dental veneers, these people now have the answer! Here at Kenneth M. Schweizer, DDS, PA in Sarasota, Florida, we offer dental veneers and are happy to share with your information about dental veneers, so you can see if they are right for you.

To put it simply, dental veneers are unique, custom-made shells or caps for the front of each individual tooth in your smile. These small shells are placed over your existing tooth, making it possible to hide flaws in your smile like a chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth and transforming it into a flawless marvel.

Because they are not made from the same enamel as your natural tooth, they are not subject to any tooth decay. However, they still need ideal care and cleaning to keep them shining because the tooth behind the veneers still needs proper care and treatment. With excellent care, they can last up to ten years giving you a flawless, stunning look you always longed for.

If you are curious about dental veneers, call our office today at 941-926-4888 to set up an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Schweizer. Our team of experts stands ready to take your call and provide you with a smile you can be truly proud of.