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If you are looking to restore damaged teeth, CEREC technology can be used to cap or conceal teeth with crowns as well as to fill in cavities. Make CEREC crowns and fillings the highlight of your smile. Here are some important facts regarding CEREC:

– CEREC crowns are constructed and milled at the dentist’s office using a computer which ensures quality and precision.
– CEREC crowns are also frequently called same-day crowns because they are famous for being ready in a single day.
– CEREC crowns are fully customizable and crafted based on each individual’s tooth’s specific needs.
– In order to guarantee the best fit possible, your dentist can adjust the crown as it is being designed.
– CEREC crowns can often be ready in the same afternoon, eliminating the need for a temporary crown which could weeks for your crown to arrive from a lab.
– CEREC crowns can often last over a decade before requiring a replacement.
– CEREC technology is also present in dental fillings and is popular due to its tooth-like look.

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