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Were you aware that when you’re fitted for a crown, it typically takes at least two appointments? Dental crowns need to be very strong, so forming them takes a few weeks. Find out more about the second visit associated with dental crowns by reading on.
After your initial fitting visit, we will ship your oral impression to a dental workshop that will develop the permanent dental crown, and we will schedule you another visit to apply the crown once we have received it from the laboratory. During this follow-up visit, Dr. Kenneth Schweizer will evaluate the fit, shape and shade of the permanent crown to ensure that it’s an awesome fit for you. (Since dental crowns are so vital, we have to ensure that they’re of the absolute highest quality. Only the best for our clients!) If the permanent crown passes our evaluation, we will numb your tooth once more and cement the dental crown into your oral cavity. We may also plan an additional visit down the road to make sure your new dental crown is working suitably.
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