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General Dentistry in Sarasota, FL

Every member of your family needs high-quality dental care to maintain their perfect smiles and protect their oral health. Dr. Kenneth Schweizer, DDS and his capable, qualified team are here to serve every member of your family from ages ten and up. With our family and general dentistry services, we help every one of our patients in Sarasota, FL feel confident and happy about their smiles. Visit us today!
Get the General Dentistry Services Your Family Needs
Your teeth do much more than look beautiful when you smile. Without teeth, you couldn’t talk or eat normally, and oral infections and bacteria actually lower your overall health.
Fortunately, taking care of your teeth is easy! When you visit us for general dentistry services, we thoroughly clean your teeth and remove any plaque buildup, including hardened tartar, that damages your enamel and makes your teeth more susceptible to cavities and infections. We X-ray your teeth to detect any problems and treat them before they worsen. We also offer fluoride treatments that make your teeth stronger and healthier than ever.
We recommend that you schedule six-month checkups for yourself and every member of your family. Along with performing the above services, we’ll check for and treat cavities before they turn into more serious problems. We’ll also ensure that your gums are healthy, strong, and infection-free.
Trust Our Compassionate, Experienced Team
Every member of our dental team is highly trained and well qualified. Along with providing experienced dental services, they’ll go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable when you sit in our dentist’s chair. We know that visiting the dentist can be stressful for some people, so we maintain a calm, soothing environment and always explain each of our processes thoroughly to put your mind at ease.
If you’re ready to visit our dentist, don’t wait to get in touch! Call us at 941-926-4888 to schedule your appointment in Sarasota, FL today.

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We encourage you to view our gallery to see our smiles. You will see the excellent results Dr. Schweizer has produced in Sarasota, FL.