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If you have teeth that don’t shine bright white anymore due to deep stains, you’re not alone. This is a fairly common problem and one that’s easily dealt with.

The recommended course of action for removing stains that are deep in your teeth’s enamel is to undergo professional dental whitening here at Kenneth M. Schweizer, DDS, PA. Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits provided by that procedure.

Your dentist will start by protecting your gums with a special gel or a rubber dam. A small amount of concentrated dental bleach is then poured into a mouth tray. This tray will be held in your mouth for a few minutes to allow the bleach to whiten deep into your tooth enamel.

The total duration of the bleaching treatment will vary depending on the degree of the staining. Afterward, Dr. Kenneth Schweizer might use a special ultraviolet light for additional whitening in textured areas of tooth enamel.

Once your teeth have had their bright, white luster restored, you might want to cut back on certain dark foods and beverages. It might also help to brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste to continue to remove surface stains before they get a chance to set in.

Getting your smile back doesn’t have to be a long process. Call us today at 941-926-4888 to schedule a whitening appointment and begin your journey to an amazing smile.