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X-Rays are a very important part of dentistry. They let dentists find problems before they become serious, keep track of changes in your teeth, and help plan out procedures. But did you know that X-rays are more important for in some circumstances than others?  To help you know if you might need more frequent X-rays, we are happy to provide you with a reasons your dentist could recommend more frequent X-Rays.

Children: Your child will probably need more X-rays than you will. This is normal, and doesn’t indicate any sign of trouble. Instead, these X-Rays are performed to prevent complications. Since your children’s jaws are still coming in, it’s important for dentists to monitor their grown and to look for otherwise invisible signs of plaque.

Dry Mouth: Xerostomia—also known as dry mouth—is a disease rather than a symptom, that results is diminished or absent saliva flow. This is problematic because saliva help prevent cavities. If you have dry mouth, your dentist may recommend more frequent X-rays to search for signs of decay.

Gum Disease: If you have gum disease, your dentist might recommend more frequent X-rays to monitor bone loss. Similarly, our dentist may want to track your bone structure if you smoke, because smokers tend to be more likely to have gum disease.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of dental X-Rays, please feel free to contact us soon. We are excited to hear from you.