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When cavities develop on one of your teeth it can cause significant discomfort, sensitivity, and impair your overall oral function. Your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing is very helpful for preventing tooth decay. At the same time there are other professional treatments offered at Kenneth M. Schweizer, DDS, PA that can also be beneficial.
Some people have deep textures on the biting surface of their permanent molars and premolars. These areas can gradually start to trap bacterial deposits that could encourage large cavities. The large dental fillings required to repair the teeth can potentially cause problems later in life.
To prevent this from happening Dr. Kenneth Schweizer can apply dental sealants at the end of your routine dental checkup. This ensures that the tooth enamel has been thoroughly cleaned.
Once Dr. Kenneth Schweizer applies the dental sealants to the biting surface he will harden it with a special ultraviolet light. This will effectively bond the dental sealants to the underlying tooth enamel.
The dental sealants are made from a special dental resin that is known to be very durable. They typically can last for up to a decade and will not be worn away by daily brushing.
If you live in the Sarasota, Florida area and you’re concerned about preserving the health of your back teeth, you should call 941-926-4888 to set up a dental exam with sealants at Kenneth M. Schweizer, DDS, PA.