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Did you know that the habits of your day-to-day life play a massive role in your oral health? The decisions you make and the foods you eat can drastically lower the lifespan of your teeth. Since your adult teeth are the last pair you will ever receive, try to protect them as much as you can. Any habits or diets that put your teeth at risk should be removed, no matter how tasty or fun they may seem.

If you enjoy tobacco now, you will come to regret it later. Tobacco can greatly increase your risk for tooth failure, cancer, and even death. Give up tobacco today for a brighter future tomorrow. The same goes for recreational drugs.

Some activities in your day to day life can add excess wear on your teeth. This includes mindlessly chewing on hard objects, playing contact sports without safety gear, and continually wearing large pieces of mouth jewelry. Always exercise caution with your mouth to ensure your smile shines for many years to come.

Some foods and drinks can be harmful to your teeth. Products and foods with a high acidity can damage your tooth enamel. Sugar also possesses the nasty quality of being converted into acid within your mouth to do even more damage to your tooth enamel. Avoid foods that are overly acidic or high in sugar. Never eat acidic foods alone, as eating with other balanced meals can help to neutralize the acids.

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